TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Commons Plug-in

Welcome to BusinessWorks 6 Commons Plug-in, the equivalent of respected Apache Commons library for TIBCO integration platform! BusinessWorks 6 Commons plug-in provides set of capabilities that are frequently required while implementing backend services, but not included in the platform out of the box. We support BusinessWorks 6 version 6.3.5 onwards, as well as Container Edition (BWCE) 2.3.4 and later.


  • Encrypt and decrypt content present in memory or large files stored on disk. We support lots of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithms, modes and padding schemas; including RSA, AES, DES, Blowfish, etc.
  • Generate or verify digital signaure to guarantee authenticity and integrity of messages exchanged between systems.
  • Compute MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 control sum.
  • Archive and compress files using ZIP, BZIP and GZIP algorithms.
  • Local BW cache with the ability to put, retrieve and remove data. Developers may store atomic types, as well as complex XML documents.
  • Process large XML files in chunks using StAX parser.
  • Access HTTP, JMS and JDBC connections from custom Java code activities.
  • XPath functions allowing to leverage regular expressions, decode BW obfuscated passwords, and lookup simple cached values directly in your mappings.

New activites:

Shared resources:

XPath functions:

  • Compress File
  • Decompress File
  • Decrypt Content
  • Delete Cache
  • Encrypt Content
  • Generate Signature
  • Get HTTP Connection

  • Get JDBC Connection
  • Get JMS Connection
  • Message Digest
  • Populate Cache
  • Retrieve Cache
  • Verify Signature
  • XML Iterator

  • Cache Configuration

  • deobfuscate
  • getCachedValue
  • getHostName
  • namedUUID
  • obfuscate
  • randomKey
  • randomUUID
  • regExpMatch
  • regExpReplace

New features

If you find any functionality that is missing, please let us know and we may include it in the next release!

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